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After being stuck in a pattern of suppressing instead of resolving conflicts, Roosevelt shared one strategy with me that changed everything. And I can’t thank him enough.

– Gabe Brown

Thank you, Roosevelt for restoring faith in my relationship. It couldn’t have been done without you! Your One-Breath Miracle Technique is a life saver.

– Randy Paul

Roosevelt is awesome. Time with him is well spent to gain insights, tools, and fresh perspectives. He’s got what it takes to give you the confidence you need to get over your blocks and move toward your goals. Highly recommend!

– Laura Jones

My time spent with Roosevelt was life changing. He helped me when I was stuck and alone and couldn’t admit to myself what I already knew.

– Margaret Tolar

Roosevelt taught me that relationships are the most important thing in life and friends are a part of that. His wisdom is priceless.

– Nate Sands

Roosevelt’s powerful presentation on beliefs was exactly what my execs and sales staff needed. He gave them hope that anyone can overcome their life’s challenges if only they can believe in themselves and take action. I was extremely pleased.

– Jay Noland
CEO. Serenigy Global

Roosevelt’s refreshing topic on overcoming adversities should be shared with all. My students were entertained, enthused, educated and inspired. I cannot thank him enough.

– Jo Towey
Agent, Marinello School of Beauty

Roosevelt Mompremier’s humor and contagious laugh makes this program fun and easy listening. However, he reveals some life changing ideas as well as self-motivation questions to help activate a positive, lifestyle for true happiness and success.

– Mark Jackson
President, Infurm Technologies LLC.

Roosevelt is the real deal. It was a privilege to have him on our show.

– The Marcel Show

When the younger man I knew as Mr. Roosevelt Mompremier (Rosie) and I first met it was as remarkable of an experience then as it continues to be 12 years later. What I saw in his eyes the first day we met was determination and fear. These emotions were intentionally (according to my intuition) masked by a quick wit and an awesome smile. After one year of applying his determination, skill and integrity to his career I am proud to say as his career mentor Rosie was number one in our company. Rosie is always seeking knowledge and is willing to share his knowledge with others to a fault. I have watched him invest countless hours of time to his own personal development, his career development and the protection of his family and their success. His efforts are always selfless with no mind to lack of rest or inconvenience. Through all of these years loyalty, honesty, and a great work ethic gained him the number one spot in my roster many times over. We thank him for the privilege. Rosie admits it if he should make a mistake and remedies those immediately. Always willing to clear the air for all parties concerned. I have never had a day which was not improved substantially by a conversation or interaction with Rosie. Always a smile on his face and a fierce determination backed with intellect and work ethic. Finding remedies to challenges and problems with confidence and integrity. All those who interact with Rosie receive the gift of joy and walk away enlightened and delighted. And it is my privilege to say so publicly.

– Ed Shuman
Broker /Owner SMG Realty

Roosevelt Mompremier, (“Rosie” to those who know him best), an agent at SMG Realty recently gave a presentation to our sales staff and managers. His words made a big impact on me for many reasons. No one knows the struggles of another, and Roosevelt reminds us judging can be a detriment to one’s success and creating achievements in all areas of life. Roosevelt’s heartfelt story of his childhood fear of his teacher based upon behavior against others, was not warranted, he discovered. His teacher was there to support him—all he had to do was ask. “A Man’s or Woman’s life are what his/her thoughts make of it,” Rosie told us. If men and women in history worried how others’ thoughts affected them, or turned those negative remarks inward, mountains wouldn’t have been climbed, towers wouldn’t be built, Rosa Parks would never have boarded that bus. There is good in all of us. Discovering that good through others is precious and giving back to those who showed us the way is even better. Roosevelt left us with these words: Use ENTHUSIASM not SKEPTICISM CURIOSITY not FEAR CREATIVITY not GREED SELF-POSSESSION not STRESS & WORRY Thanks, Rosie, you are a bright light in so many lives—and I’m honored your light shines in mine.

– Judie Ann
Broker, SMG Realty

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